6 Reasons why Bali should be your Honeymoon destination

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Traveling internationally for Honeymoon has become a trend in India. In fact, every second couple in India wishes to travel internationally for their honeymoon. When it comes to the most preferred international destinations for honeymoon, Bali tops the list. Before booking a Bali Honeymoon Tour Package, take a glance at the reasons due to which Bali is among the most favored travel destination for Honeymoon:

Cost of Traveling: Round trip International flight fare from India to Bali is just Rs. 35,000* per person. Which is almost similar to the domestic flight fare to any Indian Tourist destination. Hotel stay and the local traveling cost is also similar to that of Indian destinations. In fact, pre bookings will ensure less Bali Honeymoon Tour Packages Cost.

  1. International Traveling is Bliss:Local destinations can be visited any time but International travel needs both, time and money. International travel will actually make your honeymoon days special and memorable.
  2. No Visa Required:You don’t have to worry about getting a visa for you Bali Trip. You just need a valid passport with an expiry date of more than 6 months and this is it. However, you will have to get an on arrival visa when you reach Bali.
  3. Friendly Locals & Indians:You will find that people in Bali are very friendly and helpful. You will also meet a lot of Indian travelers spending their holidays in Bali. So this way you will always feel like home while being on foreign land.
  4. Amazing Places to Hop on:Beautiful Green Landscapes, Religious & Historical Temples, Amazing Mountains, and Vast Sea. What all do you look for? Being an Indian if you get all of it in one place, you are more than happy being on such a trip.
  5. Indian Food:Curtesy Indian restaurants in Bali. Easy availability of Indian Cuisine will delight your soul and you would never miss the home food.

If you wish to know more about Bali and the places to visit in Bali, you can contact Enticing Holidays and book any of our amazing Bali Honeymoon Tour Packages From India.

*Flight fares keep fluctuating, it also depends on the location of boarding, time of travel, booking time and so on. Above is just an estimated fare and is subject to change.

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