Tips for travelling to Bali, Indonesia

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Commonly referred to as “The Land of the Gods”, backpacking Bali has quickly become one of the most sought-after adventures on the minds of every traveler around the world.

With a seemingly endless array of majestic natural wonders, looming smoking volcanoes and pristine turquoise colored beaches embraced by powdery white sand, Bali is a place that seems almost too beautiful to be real.

No matter whether you’re an avid explorer, a relentless party animal or simply looking to relax poolside at your secluded beachside villa sipping a mojito into the sunset, Bali has got you covered!

Instantly engaging from the moment you arrive, Bali is as dynamic a destination as they come.

Not to mention that one of the biggest upsides to backpacking Bali is that you will have the chance to explore one of the most mystifyingly captivating places on earth and you won’t even come close to breaking the bank.

Bali is one of the most affordable holidays you can possibly treat yourself to!

From the ravishingly elegant accommodations to the assortment of exquisite Balinese cuisines topped off by the chaotic yet surprisingly addictive nightlife, Bali is a destination within everyone’s budget.

Although Bali might seem like a small island it is actually fairly large with the vast majority of destinations spread all throughout.

Although some destinations like Seminyak and Canggu offer excellent base locations to begin your Bali backpacking holiday, if you hope to become fully acquainted with every corner of magnificence on this island be prepared to venture around a bit.


 Granted this may be the preferred method of transportation as it is the quickest and most versatile, it is also the most dangerous.

Although anyone backpacking Bali on a budget will quickly fall in love with the budget friendly transportation option that the scooters offer, just be aware that there is a bit of a learning curve.

The traffic on the island is quite congested, chaotic and unforgiving.

Therefore, first time scooter riders will get their first dose of culture shock as they attempt to navigate the organized chaos that is Bali traffic.

In spite of all that, once you become familiar with riding the scooters, exploring Bali or any Southeast Asian country becomes a joyful and invigorating experience.


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