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Top Places to Visit in Baku

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Baku, the largest city of Azerbaijan is not only rich with culture and cuisine, but it also has beautiful places to hop on. A planned Baku Tour will ensure a smooth and memorable journey for you. Here are the top places that you must visit during your trip to Baku:

  1. Fountains Square – Also known as ‘Parapet’, The Fountains square is an attractive tourist destination and a public gathering place, especially after business hours and during the weekends. It has many restaurants, shops, boutiques, hotels and passage. It is a place where many public festivals, shows, and celebrations are held by the city authorities.
  2. Maiden Tower – A Historical stone tower that gives rooftop views of Baku Bay and the Old City. Though the original date of construction of this tower is yet debatable, the present structure appears to be of the 12th century. The original name of this tower was ‘Qız Qalası’ before it was named as ‘Maiden Tower’. Well, it has a beautiful story behind its new name and your tourist guide in Baku will better tell you that.
  3. Flame Towers – The tallest trio of skyscrapers in Baku that leaves an astonishing impact on your memorable journey. If seen from a considerable distance during the night, they form a vast palate for a light show which interchanges between the national flag, fire effect and pouring water.
  4. Heyder Aliyev Center – An architectural building designed by Iraqi-British. It is Vast, Jaw-Dropping and huge complex that will leave you utterly amazed with every glance that you take.
  5. Vahid Garden – Situated within the old city walls, this garden is famous for the massive head sculpture of the local poet Vahid. There is also a miniature books museum and a coin museum in the same area if you’re into either of them
  6. The Palace of the Shirvanshahs – According to UNESCO, The Palace of the Shirvanshahs is one of the pearls of Azerbaijan’s architecture. This historical place is believed to be the ruler’s palace back then in 15th Whereas, there is a contradictory story that introduces this Palace as a memorial complex built around the sacred place of worship and tomb of Helwati Sufi saint, Seyyid Yaxya Bakuvi.
  7. Caspian Sea Cruise – Take a cruise on the gorgeous Caspian Sea and it will keep you longing for more beautiful views. This sea is calm, serene and mesmerizingly beautiful.

Do you still want to know more about Baku?

Well, Siniq Qala Mosque, Juma Mosque, 17th Century Market Square, Azadliq Square, and Martyrs Lane are few more places that you can explore during your Baku Tour.

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