Andaman Nicobar Tour Packages

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Archipelago is a group of 527 islands which are blessed with the heavenly climate that soothes the body completely. Globally known for the fascinating islands of India, Andaman is considered as the real gems of India. One will witness the true turquoise water, and the breath-taking marine life makes these islands the worth to visit. These groups of islands are the little slice of paradise tucked around 1400 km away from the east coast of India. Are you thinking about Andaman Tour Package Cost? Then Don’t worry Enticing Holidays is a well-known travel agency that delivers most affordable tour packages for you.

Indulge in the beauty of Andaman and experience picturesque beauty, crystal clear water, and a touch of history that makes Andaman a perfect choice for an enjoyable vacation.  You can enjoy the long trek, lazing around in the island backwater, and deep-sea diving to add more adventure in the journey. Andaman has something for everyone that adds amazing traveling experience and gives you unforgettable moments. 

Beautiful Place to Visit 

Port Blair: This is a multicultural town of Andaman that offers local traditions. It is known as the scenic escape from the hustle and bustle city life. The accommodation of Port Blair will never dissatisfy because it gives perfect experience.

Havelock Island: This Island is the beauty of Andaman because it mesmerizes everyone with clear blue water and white sand beaches lined with Mahua tree that enhances the beauty. It has long treks and a fascinating backwater that gives it a picture-perfect look with a blend of adventure and scenic beauty.

Neil Island:  It is an island that has marvelous beauty like Coral Reefs, Calm Beaches, and rich wildlife. It is just needless to say that Neil offers amazing natural beauty that gives you memorable moments for a lifetime.

Limestone Caves: It is located in Northern Andamans, and a treat that must not be missed, and there is no doubt that your journey will be mesmerizing. It is a place that taking you through tribal reserves.  It gives you a chance to catch a glimpse of sun-bathing crocodiles in the Mangrove Forest of the area.

Enjoy Andaman with Thrilling Activities

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling:  You can add thrill in your journey by choosing the snorkeling and experience the vibrant aquatic life with turquoise water. The Coral reefs are widely famous in Andaman for featuring a vast range of aquatic Flora and Fauna. Scuba Diving is another pleasant way to experience nature life because of the colorful coral and exciting beaches are famous for Scuba diving.  

The Cellular Jail Memorial:  Kaala Paani is one of the most interesting things to experience, and stories about Kaala Paani enhance the excitement. Kaala Paani still haunts the Cellular Jail’s walls. The prisons were sentenced to exile here, and they were traumatized by their journey, and they strongly believed that they would lose their caste if they crossed the Kaala Paani of the ocean. Freedom fighters and politician prisoners are exiled there by the British. It is located at Port Blair. You can go there from Tuesday to Sunday, and The Light and Sound Show is incredibly amazing.

Trek To Madhuban:  If you make a list of best trekking routes in the country, then Madhuban Trek is the path of excitement that secures its place without any doubt. It is considered as the top-class trekking route in the country. Experience the exciting beauty of trekking from Mount Harriet to Madhuban, and lush greens and exotic fauna attracts trekking enthusiast.  The trek starts from a ferry ride from Chatham Harbour Port Blair.

Enjoy the Food

Seafood:  Just Like other coastal areas, Seafood is the well-famous of this region. Port Blair is the ideal place to enjoy some foods, and you can enjoy lobster at New Lighthouse Restaurants or a Seafood platter at Red Snapper for the best seafood experience.  You can have the fresh fried fish that give you wow factors.

Local fare: Havelock offers delicious Samosas, and if you are looking for scrumptious meals, then many tiny locals restaurants serve healthy Indian thalis at a reasonable cost. You can get many options with many local joints, and also offer Italian, Thai, and Continental Cuisine.

Andaman is the symbol of natural beauty that attracts many visitors from all over the world. It gives a perfect combination of thrilling and beautiful aspects that gives many dimensions to enjoy the beauty. A tour package is a perfect way to indulge in the beauty of Andaman that gives you a perfect journey. 

The capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island, Port Blair, is the gateway to connect with various islands via multiple daily ferries. Some of the most famous islands are Havelock and Neil Island, which are mainly known for pearly white sands, palm-lined shores and also refer to as the ideal place for snorkeling and diving. It is also the best and fantastic place for bird watching, some of the most found birds are Andaman crake, the Andaman woodpecker, Andaman woodpigeon, Andaman drongo, Andaman cuckoo shrike, Andaman flowerpecker, etc.