Bulgaria Tour Packages

Founded in the 7th century, The Republic of Bulgaria, which is also known as Bulgaria, is one of the ideal destinations to spend your vacation with your family or with your loved ones. This is the oldest state on the European continent, surrounded by the eastern portion of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. This is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Whether you want to visit Bulgaria as a couple, as a family, or with your group friends, this city will never disappoint you. Here you will find so many things and activities that will help you to enjoy your stay in Bulgaria. The blend of a different culture can make your visit to Bulgaria more exciting. You can explore the streets of Bulgaria to understand the lifestyle of locals. 

Massive mountains, hills, golden beaches, mesmerizing streets, and vibrant cities attract lots of tourists to Bulgaria across all over the globe. Bulgaria is a place which is also famous for its hiking activities. Hiking lovers will enjoy a lot on their Bulgaria tour. Having varieties of mountain ranges make Bulgaria ideal for climbing and camping. While exploring the mountains and hills, you may also get the chance to witness the amazing wildlife of Bulgaria. To help tourists and hikers not to get lost, there are the walking trails that are mapped correctly to help hikers explore the lush green forest, lakes, and waterfalls. Here, one can also get the chance to spot bears, wolves, and lynx. As Bulgaria is surrounded by water, you can also enjoy kayaking in Bulgaria.

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We will provide you the package that will enable you to enjoy every minute of your Bulgaria tour. With our tour packages, you will get a comfortable and secure exploration of Bulgaria. We include every major attractive destination of Bulgaria in our tour package. We never compromise with the quality of our services. With having an in-house team of trip planners, we always stand-out with out-of-box tour package designs that will lead you to capture the best moment of your life. Get exciting Bulgaria Tour Packages from India at the most reasonable cost.

Activities you can enjoy.

It is a fact that you cannot skip the beauty when you are in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a hub of tourists. They love to visit Bulgaria, as here you can do so many activities that will never you get bored during your trip to Bulgaria. The country is filled with pristine coastlines, towering mountains, never-ending waterfalls, and lush green forest. With our trip packages of Bulgaria, you can enjoy visiting different destinations in Bulgaria. Here are the activities which you can do while you are visiting Bulgaria:


Climbing mountains and hills


Scuba diving



Exploring lush green forests

Enjoy boating in beautiful lakes

Sightseeing of wildlife animals.

Significant attractions in Bulgaria you should visit.

If you want to enjoy the blend of historic and modern culture, then Bulgaria will be one of the destinations that may come in your mind. Bulgaria is full of exciting and cool things that you may want to explore and experience. We offer our holiday packages for Bulgaria that will include several attractive destinations which make your visit to Bulgaria, the most memorable one. We never left any major attractions of Bulgaria just because of the budget. We always find a loophole so that we can provide the best possible package as per our client’s budget. 

Here are some of the major attractions in Bulgaria you should not miss:


Boyana Church

Climb to the Seven Rila Lakes

Discover Rila Monastery

Discover the oldest city in Europe – Plovdiv

Smell the Rose Valley

Thracians Tomb

Party in Sunny Beach


Explore Sozopol

Velika Tarnovo

Foods must try in Bulgaria.

We will let you know that Bulgarian food is delicious, fresh, and hearty. As Bulgaria is famous for quality vegetables and milk products, Bulgarian meals are so delicious that you can also find it in some of the famous restaurants of Turkey, Greece, or Serbia. During your vacation in Bulgaria, you can find many street foods and lavish restaurants where you can spend some quality time and eat mouth-watering food items. You can find Pork and chicken easily because it is the standard form of food items in Bulgaria.

Here are some of the dishes you must try during your Bulgaria trip:



Shopska Salata



Shkemne Chorba